We utilize a process we call Fuse Wealth Management. This helps you fuse or join together into a single entity your Investment Planning along with your Advanced Planning needs.

As a successful business owner, you are often faced with complexity. Over the years we observed that most business owners and families are publicly successful while privately stressed. You must juggle running your business along with your personal wealth. We understand that even successful business owners and families simply want to make good decisions with their money, take care of the people they love and help the causes they care about. This requires managing multiple specialists. We strive to bring structure and organization to your financial health.

Most highly successful families faced the challenge of managing success created from their business because along with success came complexity. A Family office was created out of this where a coordinated effort by a team of specialists was needed to help ensure the family was making the right decisions with their money. We use the same concept that these ultra-wealthy families use by surrounding ourselves with the best minds seeking to provide you an advantage.

Every element of your wealth is connected and needs to be managed as such. In a business each department needs to work with the others for that business to run efficiently and effectively. Your personal finances are the same. You need to make sure all components are intimately working together to maximize the effect of your financial decisions.

We work as a team with a select group of successful business owners and their families to help them make good decisions with their wealth by utilizing our Investment consulting but then taking it further by applying Advanced Planning techniques through our Fuse Wealth Management process.

Since you are an entrepreneur your financial life is more complicated than the average person’s. These complexities require solutions to help provide much needed clarity. The solutions need to coordinate all of the moving parts to ensure they are working in conjunction with one another. This is why we created the Fuse Wealth Management Process.

We define our Fuse Wealth Management Process as follows:

FWM = IC (Investment Consulting) + AP (Advanced Planning) + RM (Relationship Management)

Investment Consulting: Making sure you make good decisions with your money.

Advanced Planning: We help address the other main concerns.

Wealth Enhancement
Manage taxes through tax advantaged strategies utilizing asset selection and placement.

Wealth Protection
Help ensure your assets are not unjustly taken from you.

Wealth Transfer
Make sure your assets are transferred to your heirs in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Charitable Giving
To help support the causes close to your heart.

Relationship Management: we seek to build relationships with our clients through our consultative process and managing your professional advisors and engaging our network of advisors to help address your Advanced Planning needs.