Our Focus

Dedicated to helping accomplished business owners and affluent families go from being financially successful to financially impactful. We do this by helping them make smart decisions with their wealth by managing the complexities that come with financial success.

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Our Process

We seek to Fuse or join together all the aspects of your family's wealth into a structured and well-defined process.

We created the Fuse Wealth Management Process to simplify the complexity of an entrepreneur’s financial health.

We use this process, years of investment experience and our professional network of advisors for Advanced Planning needs in an attempt to help business owners and affluent families make good decisions with their wealth, take care of the people they love and help make a difference in the world.

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You may be wondering if we are right for you? If the answer to these questions is yes, then we can explore if we are the right fit.

Have I acquired wealth?
Am I wondering how it all works together?
Am I open to a different approach than what I have experienced before?
Am I ready to be serious about my wealth?
Am I a successful business owner?
Am I ready to have a partner in managing my wealth?

Contact us to explore if your assets can be better managed and protected utilizing the Fuse Wealth Management Process.

Our Services


Financial and Wealth Planning

Personal Wants and Needs analysis, Individual Financial Needs analysis, Cash Flow Analysis, Estate and Trust Analysis, Future Goal Establishment, Tax Planning

Insurance Solutions and Planning

Life Insurance , Annuities, Long Term Care, Disability

Retirement Planning

401K, IRA’s (All types), Tax efficient Customized Investment Portfolios

Investment Planning

Custom Portfolio Generation, Portfolio Implementation, Monitoring and Re-Balancing, Ongoing Financial Re-Evaluations

Organizations and Businesses

Employee Benefit Planning,Corporate Buyback programs


Financial and Wealth Planning,Insurance Solutions and Planning,Retirement Planning,Investment & Wealth Planning,Education Planning and Funding,Estate Planning,Tax Planning